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Macedonian Honey is a national winner of the Energy Globe Award

Published by Macedonian Honey in 11. Environment · 18/11/2022 08:37:00
Tags: EnergyGlobeAward;winnder;sustinability

This award was presented on 15-11-2022 with an appropriate ceremony at the offices of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce in Skopje. The award was given by Juta Walter, trade attaché of Austria, in charge of Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro. The Energy Globe Award - the world prize for sustainability - is today's most famous environmental award worldwide.

In competition with 2500 projects from 180 countries, Macedonian Honey received the prestigious world award for the project "Beekeeping against climate change"

The goal of our project is to create innovative tools, activities and equipment for beekeeping for the 21st century. To incorporate IT innovations, applications and platforms to support pollination, biodiversity and the well-being of the planet. Drastically reduce the direct costs of beekeeping, implement new beekeeping sustainable practices and create additional services using digital technologies.

Our successes and recognitions along the way are as follows:

- Winners in the "climate" category of the StartUp Europe Award.
- Design of new hives (Elle-Hive™), innovative sustainable beekeeping practices - awarded in the EU.
- Creators of the first Macedonian free distance learning school, with over 40 lessons adapted for visually impaired people.
- Cooperation with socially responsible companies and embassies for bee conservation.
- Founders of the Macedonian platform beenet.mk which sells and promotes beekeeping products from all regions.
- A project with the Royal Foundation in the United Kingdom - FRSA (Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts) with the aim of spreading the vital importance of bees to human life, especially in the context of the global climate crisis.

Macedonian Honey е национален добитник на престижната Energy Globe Award

Published by Macedonian Honey in 11. Environment · 18/11/2022 08:01:00
Tags: EnergyGlobeAward;sustainability;bees;award;награда
Energy Globe Award – светската награда за одржливост – е најпознатата еколошка награда на денешницата ширум светот.

Бакингамската палата има тајно место само за пчелитe

Омилен мед на англиската кралица е медот од нејзината градина Интервју со John Chapple главниот кралски пчелар

Берлинската катедрала е дом на невообичаени гости

Published by in 11. Environment · 23/4/2019 10:46:00
Tags: Берлин;Германија;пчели;катердрала

Урбаните пчели во борба против досадните чавки

Published by in 11. Environment · 17/4/2019 10:43:00
Tags: Токио;пчели;чавки;Гинза
Во Ранг со Петтата Авенија шопинг област во Њујорк, Гинза областа во Токио е една од водечките светски центри во градот, полна со стоковни куќи од висока класа и дизајнерски продавници.

Урбани пчели кај “Фантомот во операта”

Published by in 11. Environment · 11/4/2019 09:43:00
Tags: Париз;Опера;JeanPaucton;пчели;мед
На крововите на Операта Palais Garnier во Париз се наоѓаат невообичаени станари.

Honey hunting

Published by in 11. Environment · 12/12/2018 14:12:00
Tags: Хималаи;опоенмед;ApisDorsataLaboriosa
Во лов на мед

The Macedonian startup Macedonian Honey has been recognized as the best startup in Europe in the Climate category

Published by in 11. Environment · 20/11/2018 09:54:00
Tags: SES18;StartupEuropeSummit;climate;pressrelease;

Прашања и одговори

It's not just humans..

Published by Macedonian Honey in 11. Environment · 28/6/2018 12:47:00
Tags: InternationalBeeStation;bees;environment;climate;ApisMellifera;Macedonica;honeybees;Apis;Spain;offnet;Slovakia

Spider Cave

Published by Macedonian Honey in 11. Environment · 5/6/2018 12:38:00
Tags: InternationalBeeStation;bees;environment;climate;ApisMellifera;Macedonica;honeybees;Apis;Spain;CuevasdelaArana;SpiderCaves

Bees monitor air-pollution

Published by Macedonian Honey in 11. Environment · 23/5/2018 12:19:00
Tags: InternationalBeeStation;bees;environment;climate;predator;spider;wasp;beeeater;InternationalBeeStation
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