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6 benefits of just 30 minutes running

Published by in 04. Running · 6/3/2018 12:21:00
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There’s a raft of scientific evidence that proves that regular exercise (150 minutes per week, which is about 30 minutes five times per week)—and running in particular—has health benefits that extend well beyond any pill a doctor could prescribe. Studies have shown that running can help prevent obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, some cancers, and a host of other unpleasant conditions.
Тhere are 1440 minutes in a day, can't you spend 30 minutes of them running?
1. Continuous fat burn - Running for just 15-30 minutes will kick start your metabolism and fat burn. It's so much better to think 'I have 30 mins therefore I'm going to get a quick run in' than 'ah, I only have half an hour so I won't bother' which is SO easily done. Not only do you burn fat and use calories when you run but your body continues to burn fat after exercise. Why? After you run, your body goes into EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) and the energy from carbohydrates and fats is recruited to heal damaged tissues and restore your body to its pre-exercise state. This can last for 15 minutes and up to 48 hours meaning your body is STILL burning fat.
2. Happiness - You'll release all those wonderful endorphins and feel different again for that run out. Even if you only manage 10 minutes. Often, a quick blast is much more beneficial than a long run as you avoid the post run tiredness and it makes you feel alive and revitalised. You will also feel much more accomplished for making the effort to go if you only had a short window of time. 
3. Running adds years to your life Even if you meet just the minimum of amount of physical activity—(30 minutes, five times per week), you’ll live longer. A giant study in the journal PLOS Medicine shows that when different types of people started exercising, they lived longer. Smokers added 4.1 years to their lives; nonsmokers gained three years. Even if you’re still smoking, you’ll get 2.6 more years. Cancer survivors extended their lives by 5.3 years. Those with heart disease gained 4.3 years.  
4. Calorie Burn - Running for 30 minutes will guarantee you a minimum of 200-500 calories burnt per 30 minute session. So, that means if you're squeezing a run in before a meal out, or other kind of plans, you won't feel guilty after all when the dessert comes out! On a serious note, a 30 minute run whatever your speed, pace or ability will really help your weight loss.
5. Sleep - A minimum of 30 minutes running a day really helps aid a restful nights sleep. It is wise to run further away from bedtime though as you don't want to be waking up those energetic endorphins half an hour before bedtime. 30 minutes in the morning is a great call, or, 30 minutes after work. Running can significantly reduce anxiety symptoms and, it reduces immune system chemicals that can worsen depression. Once you find the motivation (which is often the hardest part), it can help to cope with depression in a healthy way which is often the cause of insomnia.A  study in the Journal of Adolescent Health proved that just 30 minutes of running during the week for three weeks boosted sleep quality, mood, and concentration during the day.  
6. Muscle definition - 30 minutes running is excellent at bringing out those pecks. No, seriously. If you ran just 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week (and ate relatively healthily) definition would be obvious. Your stomach will tighten, your quads will strengthen and you will see your body changing rapidly. Why don't you start with that 30 minutes today and you'll notice the difference in 6-8 weeks time.

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