International BeeStation - Slovakian Crew
Macedonian Honey

3 Elle-Hives were built in our workshop facilities and populated with bees which number raised up to 300,000 bees at the peak of the season. During the season, beekeeping activities involved ensuring enough space and frames for the colony development and bee breading process as well as storing the honey and pollen needed for colony survival. At the end of the season, beekeeping activities involved preparing the colonies for the upcoming winter, stretching the space available for overwintering, placing additional insulation in the hives and securing the hives of entering predators inside. All processes were completed with excellent results.  
• With the Slovakian Crew of 300,000 bees, positive impact on biodiversity was generated on 2,100 Ha around the International Bee Station on 1,200-1,600 m.a.s.l in the wilderness where lot of wild animals have their habitat. Among them, the Balkan Lynx which population is in danger.  
24 billion plants were pollinized, in an area in which in radius of 40 km, only the bees from International Bee Station are existing. This project and the bees from Slovakian Crew provided unique opportunity to raise the presents and availability of the crops (hazelnut, plums, apples, cherries, pears, etc.) for 70% on the area covered by International Bee Station providing enough food for the wild life and supported their natural habitat. 

This project supported and created real impact on the nature that no one else did in such a big radius. With the bees of International Bee Station and the bees from Slovakian Crew, the wildlife had greater chances to survive because the main pollination in the area was done by the bees from this project which created 70% more chances of the crop availability to wildlife.